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Introduce a new interior design home theater and games room at the same time for a fan of The Witcher. The project is related to the launch of this year’s May 19, 2015 new version of The Witcher subtitled Wild Hunt. Project cinema hall and recreation is modeled on the graphic elements of a new game. The room is very large for a private conditions and houses a large cinema seats eight. The seats are upholstered in natural leather. Cinema powerful double doors lead to the entire height of the room, they do not allow to get out any sounds beyond the courtroom. On the walls are specially designed acoustic elements for the interior. They are made of two types of sound absorbing materials. The crystal structure of the walls decoration design further improves the acoustic qualities of the material from which it was built. In front of the interior has a big screen and hidden speakers placed in both corners of the wall. I hope that the interior will fit well into the new game The Witcher 3.