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If someone is going before the annual release of the latest installment of the Star Wars remember all the previous episodes is best to do it in the cinema signs George Lucas himself. This year, the studio has developed two movies to be signed by the THX logo.

THX certification system installation and reproducing sound image. It was designed by Thomlinson Holman in 1982, to arrange for Lucasfilm.

THX certification standardizes a very precise manner and listening cinema projection.

All certified cinema faithfully reproduce the sound and image.

Thomlinson Holman standardaryzację developed during the preparation of the soundtrack to the movie Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi. In cinema, the audience receives Certified same visual stimuli and auditory as root pass in the Hall of Lucasfilm in Hollywood.

In Poland, THX have only two or three large cinema and Warsaw Label Documentary and Feature Film.

Feel free to watch the first of two interior design home theater with THX ordered by a fan of Star Wars.

Interior design is inspired by the latest episode of the saga. Interior features in addition to references to the shape of film sets are of course all acoustic parameters, professional cinema seats. Of course we did not forget about the special effects.

Under the floor has been masked table and wet bar with refrigerator, both elements can be lifted with one button. Cinema hall is also to be listening hence the great standmounted They also appear and disappear at the touch of a button. The whole theater is equipped with lots of gadgets from steaming power locks and opened the sluice voice signals robot C-3PO.

I am sure about that Star Wars – Awakening the Power of release on BlueRay and DVD movie playback will be essential in the cinema.