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How do we work?

Our design process is divided into three parts: In the first part we work on a flat plan. In consultation with the investor, we plan the division of the surface and arrangement of individual elements within the interior. In the second part we design in 3D, establishing all the details and selecting the materials. In the last stage, the implementation plan with all the installations is being prepared. Then, we make a preliminary cost estimate, which allows to learn the overall cost of the investment. We can also suggest reliable contracting companies.

Contract and implementation

The most important thing in our work is to stay in contact with the investor, not only during the creation of a project, but – above all – during the implementation. Professionally executed project, in addition to the investor’s satisfaction, is our best recommendation. Therefore, we introduced in our contract as a permanent element, the supervision of compliance of the performed work with the design. As we are a design office, the timing and the quality of contractors’ work are part of separate agreements between companies and investors. However, we are present throughout the duration of the construction, monitoring the compliance with the approved design and coordinating everything. The cost of this monitoring is included in the price of the entire project and is independent of the time spent on the site. This allows the investor to know that we are at his disposal the whole time and the price does not change as it happens in standard contracts.